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[ the warrior ]


Description & Featured Ingredients

Lemon - Alkaline Water - Orange - Turmeric - Ginger -

Honey - Cayenne Pepper - Himalayan Salt

Turmeric:  Improves Digestion + Anti-Inflammatory (joint pain relief is its jam)

Ginger: Aid in muscle Soreness + Fights Nausea 

Knock a few sips back and you'll be in fighting form. This spicy and sweet combo is sure to leave you ready to take on the world! 


Nutrition Facts


Bottle Return + Shelf Life

Don't forget that each bottle, big or small, has an additional $2.00 bottle deposit on top of the regular cost that will be added to your cart. Return the bottles to any of our distribution location to receive the money back. The practice of reusing our bottles allows us to have sustainable packaging that never goes to the landfill. Once the bottles are no longer usable, they can be recycled, along with their plastic lids.



Customer Reviews

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My favourite way to start the day

I’ve tried several varieties of Stoke juices and when I first tried The Warrior I was completely hooked! The taste is full, intense, delicious and a bit spicy but what I love most about it is how it makes my body feel. A delight for the taste buds, then I can feel my body come alive with vitality and energy. It’s quite a rush and I’ve started drinking it every morning for a kick-start to my day. HIGHLY recommended!