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Cleanses + Detoxes

If you’re looking to hit the refresh button on your whole body and take a deep-dive into detoxification and nourishment, we can hook you up with a juice cleanse. While they usually eliminate solid food for their duration, our cleanses definitely aren’t deprivation: they are a full feast of easily-absorbed nutrients.

Or, if you want to detoxify and still keep up with your busy life and meet all your deadlines, our detox program could be perfect for you. Nutrient-dense juices are added to a clean diet for three days, meaning that you can tackle your full schedule while still treating yourself to some deep nourishment.

Like it a lot? Try a subscription!

Yep, we’ll bring you a customized selection of Stoke juices directly to your door or to your workplace, to save you time and money! We surprise you with what types of juices you'll be receiving, so you'll get to try lots of flavours.

Sign up for a minimum of one month, and you’ll get some sweet discounts on the juices of your choice. Interested in two or three months? Contact us and we will give you the low down.