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[ DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAJIK? ] - Stoke Cold Pressed Juicery

Curious about the sky-blue smoothie bowls gracing your Instagram feed these days? Or maybe you’ve wondered how we bottle up that brilliant hue in one of our most-loved juices, the Peak. Let’s take a deeper dive into the ocean of benefits contained in E3 Live Blue Majik. This wild-harvested sea algae is not as complicated as its name suggests, and is actually a simple and whole superfood that is taking the health world by storm.


Of the approximate 30,000 types of algae in the world, only 1,500 are this specific blue-green variety, called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), which translates to Greek as “the invisible living flower of water.” Algae, while seemingly small and unimportant, plays an enormous role on our planet: it’s said to be the earth’s first life form, and to this day is responsible for producing 70% of our oxygen through its photosynthesis. An incredibly wide range of species feast on this aquabotanical for sustenance, from the bottom of the food chain right up to the largest mammal, whales. It’s been suggested that humans have been consuming blue-green algae for thousands of years, and that first peoples throughout what is now Southern Africa and North America have dehydrated it for later consumption.


It’s no wonder that for such a long time creatures large and small have relied on this organism for nourishment: it has a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals, ounce for ounce, than any other plant in our diet. Because they are naturally bonded to amino acids, the minerals in AFA (blue-green algae) are easy for our bodies to digest and absorb. AFA contains a full and unusually complete spectrum of vitamins, which is quite unusual for a single whole food. Not only that, it contains between 65 and 71 percent protein, which is easier to digest than animal protein and most other plant proteins. These little blooms of algae pack quite the punch!


Now that it’s making its way into the spotlight, a number of studies have been done on the health benefits of this pretty-hued organism, and how it interacts with our bodies. Most notably, it supports intestinal and digestive health, and keeps your systems running smoothly. A powerful antioxidant, blue-green algae can also help fight free-radicals to keep you at your healthiest. Not only that, studies show that it may also boost your mood, help manage everyday stress, and also improve mental clarity and alertness. Or if you’re on a fitness kick, you might want to reach for the Blue Majik: it’s been shown to increase vitality, energy, and endurance, and can speed up recovery time. Get ready to sweat!


The E3 Live Blue Majik we use is wild-harvested, organic, and a non-GMO heirloom variety. Only the most vibrant and flourishing blooms are collected, and they come to you alive and in their most natural state. To call this potent life-form a super-food is an understatement, as it nourishes the body on a cellular level – the place where true healing begins.